Drafting and Design is an Art!

3D stands for Developing Drafters & Designers. This group’s purpose is to bring awareness and appreciation to the artistry and profession of drafting and related fields.

Creative Arts Club

Get Your Art On!

The Creative Arts Club at PHSC provides students an academic and extracurricular community for the appreciation, production and publication of literary art.

The Creative Arts Club is available to PHSC Students collegewide.


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Cru provides an opportunity for students of like faith to gather and promote friendships through Christian fellowship.


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The Data and Technology Association is a club for students who are interested in computer programming and networking.


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Disney Leadership Alliance

Let the Magic Begin!

The Disney Leadership Alliance focuses on leadership, learning through the experiences of Disney employees, the love of Disney and building relationships.


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The Drama Club's mission is to provide exceptional family entertainment while striving to foster a lifelong appreciation of the arts and acknowledge the educational power of theater.  We also strive to foster an appreciation of all forms of the performing arts and to provide opportunities for art

Drama Division

All the World's a Stage

PHSC's Drama Division is a student club that promotes knowledge of theater activities through acting, designing, directing, play writing, scenery, costumes and make-up. Will you join us?


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Earth Awareness

Earth Awareness provides a medium for cooperation and communication among area human service/mental health professionals, faculty and students. 


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Game On

As the leading form of entertainment today, video games are an integral part of American culture. Now, gaming is gaining popularity across college campuses nationwide and we are bringing this competitive excitement to PHSC. 

Flight! Club

The purpose of the Flight Club to learn, progress skills and further reinforce careers and aviation programs taught at PHSC. Teams or individuals will work on creating projects and work together advance aviation at the college.

Health and Fitness Club

Be Well and Get Fit!

The purpose of this club is to promote overall sports and physical fitness through sponsorship of a variety of physical fitness activities, intramural tournaments and lifetime sports events.

Human Services Club

The Human Services Club provides a medium for cooperation and communication among area human service/mental health professionals, faculty and students.

Legal Eagles Club

The Legal Eagles Club furthers paralegal education and encourages a high degree of academic, ethical and professional achievement through the sponsorship of educational programs and attendance at professional seminars in cooperation with our partners in the legal profession.

Men of Excellence (MOE)

Men of Excellence represents diversity, faith, education, and leadership. MOE exemplifies academic and personal development of male and female college students. Membership is open to any PHSC student to assists members with leadership growth and connectivity to the campus and community.

National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI)

NAMI is the nation's largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for millions of Americans affected by mental illness.

National Cybersecurity Student Association (NCSA)

Connect through National Cybersecurity Student Association

To cultivate a national community that supports students in their cybersecurity endeavors through extracurricular activities, career opportunities, mentoring and keeping them at the forefront of the cybersecurity trends. 

Nightingale Nursing Club

The Nightingale Nursing Club is open to all students. The club aids in the preparation of nursing students and pre-nursing students for professional responsibilities. Nightingales provide programs and activities that are representative of current professional interests.

Pasco Hernando American Sign Language Association (PASLA)

PASLA seeks to bridge the gap between the deaf, hard of hearing and hearing communities through education and information so as to support the deaf and hard of hearing community and form an alliance.


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People Respecting Individual Differences Equally (PRIDE)

The PRIDE group promotes education, unity, awareness and change. The organization also provides a respectful, safe place to support all students on campus, but especially LGBTQ+ students and allies.


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The purpose of Rotaract is to provide an opportunity for young men and women to enhance the knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development, to address the physical and social needs of their communities, and to promote better relations between all people worldwide through a fra

Social Chess Club

Learn Strategy through Chess

Chess Club teaches players about the history of and how to play the game of chess. Join us in this dynamic environment where you will play the game or watch others strategize for a win!

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STEM Club brings like-minded students from the science, technology, engineering, mathematical and medical fields together.

Student Juggling Society

The purpose of the Student Juggling Society is to provide meetings at regular intervals for jugglers as well as those interested in other circus disciplines consisting of by not limited to: magic, balloon art, body art, and equilibristics.

Student Veterans of America (SVA)

The Student Veterans of America assists veterans in their needs while in school, connects them to opportunities, and enlightens general students with the experiences of veterans.


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Seeks to foster productive interactions among students and across diverse majors, to promote cooperation between diverse cultures on the campus and in the community.

Tea Club (TEA)

The Purpose of Tea Club is as follows:

True Anime and Gaming (TAG)

True Anime and Gaming (TAG) provides an outlet for students to gather together and experience the world of anime and gaming. 

True Anime and Gaming (TAG) Meeting Information

Spring Hill Campus will host in-person meetings each Wednesday at 2 p.m.

Writers' and Artists' Club

The purpose of the Writers’ and Artists’ Club shall be to provide an outlet of expression for all writers, artists, and photographers.


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