Learn to Lead

In addition to Student Government, clubs and organizations and coordinating events, Student Life offers a variety of leadership development opportunities throughout the year. Contact your Student Life Team to learn more about available leadership positions.

Student Life Retreat

The premier Leadership experience offered through PHSC Student Activities is the Student Life Retreat (SLR). This annual event takes place in early August and is a great way to get the year off to a good start. You have the opportunity connect with professionals and student leaders from throughout our district, develop your inter- and intra-personal skills, and participate in fun and challenging activities. As with all PHSC Student Life, there is no cost to register for SLR. Conference shirt and supplies, meals and rooms are all included.

Leadership Programs and More

PHSC's Student Life also host a variety of speakers and sessions on topics like communication, teamwork, leadership styles and dress for success. Leaders from the college and community share their expertise and tips for leadership.

A variety of training opportunities are available to provide students with the tools and resources to lead and support their fellow students on initiatives like campus events, service projects and competitions.

Certified Student Leader

Students who want to continue their leadership development journey can become a Certified Student LeaderThis program gets students more connected with their campus and community. Students who complete this certification may be selected for additional networking, advocacy and other opportunities.

Information about these opportunities and others can be found in your Student Life and Leadership course in Canvas.

Many of our programs can help you make important connections and build your resume. Learn more about finding and preparing for your career, visit PHSC's Career Services.

Certified Student Leader

The Certified Student Leader Program is designed to help you connect, lead, and get involved by providing a variety of events and programs that contribute to your success on campus and beyond! Are you willing to step outside your comfort zone and make a positive impact? Do you have an open mind? Are you ready to be a leader?