Peace Week 2019

2019 Dates Coming Soon | All Campuses

Each year we pause to recognize that peace is not simply the absence of war, but a constantly changing and fragile ideology that can be threatened if people are not given the opportunity to express themselves and connect with one another. Despite worldwide volatility and political pressures, we must in our increasingly diverse and technologically advanced society, constantly seek understanding and global perspective.

As a result of attending Peace Week and participating in the events we hope students will:

  1. Be motivated to engage in reflection, including thinking about the positive and negative aspects of an experience, to find out what one can do to best shape future actions.
  2. Believe that to solve complex problems one must recognize the interrelationship of parts rather than looking at each discrete part within a larger system; this type of thinking allows one to derive a solution that addresses the underlying problems and is less likely to have a negative impact on other parts of the system.
  3. Enhance one’s understanding of one’s personality, beliefs, capacities, and interests.
  4. Be motivated to contribute one’s own ideas, strength, knowledge, and/or abilities to meet a specific group need.
  5. Believe that it is important to demonstrate a deep understanding of others by attempting to experience their feelings in an effort to appreciate their perspectives and circumstances as well as show genuine care.
  6. Be motivated to actively promote one’s own and/or others’ exposure to people from a variety of backgrounds, beliefs, and/or experiences, in an effort to enhance group effectiveness and/or group functioning.
  7. Believe that it is important to understand the conditions and/or situations of other individuals and/or groups so as to integrate this understanding into one’s behaviors to be inclusive and demonstrate a sense of care.