Join the Friendly Competition!

All PHSC students, faculty and staff are encouraged to join in on the friendly Engagement Game competitions held at the end of each term.

Engagement Games Roster

Faculty and Staff Roster includes:

#1, Ed 'Easy E' Kincade - Coordinator, Campus Facilities

Ed “Easy E” Kincade gets his name for nonchalantly making seemingly impossible plays. Ed has guaranteed that he will catch any ball hit within 100 feet of his position.

#2, Madison 'Ice Man' Burr - District Painter

A man who needs no introductions, “Ice Man” dominates in all athletic endeavors. He is one of the few players that intimidate players on the Student team.

#3, Paul 'Express' ManningCourier

Hailing from Boston, this hockey fan enjoys Ben Affleck and Adam Sandler movies. Paul leads from the front, always setting an example of focus and determination.​​​

#3, Mildred 'Busy Bee' Diaz SantiagoAdministrative Assistant, Porter Campus Provost

Mildred Diaz Santiago is the Administrative Assistant to the Provost of the Pasco-Hernando State College (PHSC)’s Porter Campus at Wiregrass Ranch since 2015. She joined PHSC’s Porter Campus in November 2013 as Senior Office Assistant, Faculty Support. Prior to PHSC, Mildred worked at the University of Puerto Rico in Carolina for 13 years in various positions; her last post as Administrative Secretary for the Registrar’s Office.  In addition, Mildred serves as the youth leader at her church, working with middle and high schoolers. In her free time, Mildred enjoys her time with her family.

#5, Richard 'Go Go Gadget' RobertsSenior Student Success Specialist. Spring Hill Campus

I started as a Student Ambassador in 2015 on West then Porter campus, then as a tutor until 2020 on East Campus.  I started full time in 2021 on EC as a Senior Office Assistant in the Academic Success and Testing Centers.   Hobbies including riding off road mountain bike trails, collecting records, and working on self-improvement anyway I can find it. 

#6, Jason 'The Man' Smith - Assistant Professor, Paralegal, North Campus

“The Man” was a former prosecutor for the 5th circuit. He attended Regent University Law School in Virginia and Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL. where he was a catcher on the baseball team.

#7, 'The Prez' Dr. Tim Beard - College President

#8, Jennifer 'Game Changer' Porter - Coordinator, State and Institutional Scholarships

Jennifer began as a PHCC Dual enrollment student and earned an AA degree in 2003. She graduated from Florida State University in 2006 She volunteered and worked through Manpower at the PHSC North Campus College Store for 6 years while attending high school and college and was then hired in PHSC’s Financial Aid office at the West Campus. Jennifer is currently the Coordinator of State of Institutional Scholarships. She enjoys traveling, photography, outdoor activities and spending time with family and friends.

#9, Lauren 'Wood-Win' Murray Associate Dean, Instructional Performing Arts Center

Tampa native Lauren Murray is usually found on the concert stage holding an oboe as opposed to a bat. A HUGE baseball fan, Dr. Murray is fairly certain that her steadfast loyalty to the Rays and her unbeaten Fantasy Baseball team combined with her days of playing softball in the 4th and 5th grade will be an incredible asset to the Staff Team. Play Ball!

#10, Danny 'Bad Intentions' Henwood Supervisor College Services

#12, Ron 'Money' Green Coordinator, Facilities Projects

Facilities  Ron won the game in 2009. Ron can be a bit erratic in the field, but makes up for it with timely hitting. He has an extensive athletics background, and is a natural athlete that has played and coached just about every major sport. He is a Cleveland Browns fanatic so he tends to need a lot of support and encouragement.

#13, Gary 'High Five' Cors - Professor, Paralegal Programs

Gary earned a BA at USF and received his J.D. from Stetson University College of Law. Determined to keep the coveted softball trophy with its rightful owners—the Faculty & Staff—Gary has spent numerous hours preparing all the necessary legal paperwork to assure victory this year. In addition, Gary’s offseason training included various breathing activities.

#15, Matt 'Firewall' NeadlyComputer/Network Support Specialist

Hailing from the suburbs of Chicago, this computer technician and part-time slugger is bringing the heat. When he’s not closing out helpdesk tickets, he’s closing out student chances for victory.

#16, Alysen 'Creed' Heil Dean, Workforce Development

A native from St. Petersburg, Florida, ‘Creed’ has a BS degree in Secondary Education and Mathematics, and a MS degree in Mathematics at the University of Central Florida. She began as a Mathematics Instructor and is currently the Assistant Dean, STEM programs. “I can honestly say that this is one of the best jobs I’ve ever had.” Outside of work, you can find her in the gym. Her former gym “Creed” did a video blog of me. Creed won the Fall 2016 competition. The D in Creed stands for the developing mental toughness is crucial for success. ‘Creed’ is the Faculty/Staff team’s Strength and conditioning coach.

#17, "Drivin' Dave" Mayler - Functional Analyst; Faculty & Staff Team Head Coach

Drivin’ Dave Mayler is a veteran of the engagement games and a supporter of the student life department. He has played the role as manager for the Faculty & Staff softball team and Head Coach for the Faculty & Staff football team. Although his win loss record is questionable, he always thinks that his teams are winners.

#18 Fernando 'Rocky' Ortiz-Babilonia E-Learning and Instructional Analyst

Growing up in Florida, I learned the wonder in humor. I started doing funny dances in high school, to funny voices/imitations in college/present day, I've always enjoyed making people laugh from high school to college, to present day, I've always felt like a modern-day jester since laughter is one of the sweetest sounds.

#21, Matthew 'Matty Ice' Knight Campus Maintenance Mechanic, IPAC

#23, Chris "The Dude" Bibbo - Admissions

1999 and 2002 ISC (International Softball Congress) World Tournament 2-time MVP. First Place Championships in Aruba, Iceland and Sri Lanka. Bat boy for the 1990 N.Y. Yankees and personal errand boy for Lou Piniella (washed cars, pine tarred bats etc.) Currently holds the record for the lowest score in the United States and Fiji for WII PGA golf. Autographed pictures sent out on case by case basis—$25.00 “donation fee” required; send requests to

#25, Bob 'Super VP' BadeSenior Vice President and Chief Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Once told he had a good looking brain, this veteran PHSC employee is responsible for reviving the staff and faculty sporting events. “The Trophy” is a former college player and has a deep love for baseball and football. Because his skills would ensure that the Students have absolutely NO chance at winning, The Trophy chooses to stay out of the line up and allow other staff to battle it out with the students… a small sacrifice.

#26, Leslie 'Fastlane' Barnwell - Staff Assistant Health Programs

Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, Barnwell moved to Florida 2013. She is a mother of three. A PHSC Alumna, she sttended PHSC from 2014–2017receiving an AS, an AA and a BAS in Supervision Management, in Healthcare Administration. Currently she attends USF for a Master’s Degree in Physical Education. She is a bit of an overachiever and a perfectionist. In my spare time, she likes to bike ride, kayak, golf, swim, hang out at the beach, and assist the coach with important team decisions

#30, Courtney 'Ray-Ray' DominiqueAdvisor, Pre-Collegiate/LSAMP

#32, Shawn 'Man Bun' Partin - College Store - District Textbook Manager

His ability to play any role that is needed gives Man Bun a valued role on the team. His interests include searching for dinosaurs and visiting the future. Whether his hair is up or down, the students have reason to fear this impact player.

#33, Dr. Amy 'Lou' Anderson - Provost, Spring Hill Campus

Dr. Anderson came to the engagement games determined to make a name for herself! This former Texan did not take long to succeed. In the softball game she showed her skills and made it clear she would play whatever role was needed for the team to win.

#34, Eddie 'Black Cloud' WilliamsAssociate Professor, Human Services

Even though normally the Black Cloud is empathetic and compassionate (as a Human Services professional should be), he is all about the take down. His only goal is to see the students cry.

#44, Eugene 'Hayseed' Helfrick Office Supervisor/Head Cashier

I'm from a small rural town called Myakka City, which is about 40 miles east of Sarasota. My mom and dad owned a small cattle ranch, so I've been around farm animals for my entire life. Growing up in rural America, I did all sorts of things, including racing school buses for a few years. After high school, I attended USF where I got my degree in Management and ended up in New Port Richey when my now wife got a job a Pall across the road. Besides working at the college, I'm also an avid Lightning fan, and I've written about the NHL for The Hockey for five years now.  

#45, Brandon' Down Under' Foster - College Store Supervisor

G’day mates! Foster…it’s Australian for kick-yerarse. This player is originally from Orlando and may or may not have played in the minor leagues. A fisher, a runner and a computer programmer, this guy has skills to spare.

#50, Brian 'The Enforcer' HornSenior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

#55, Andy 'Rifleman' Rife - Assistant Coordinator, Campus Facilities

Andy has two kids, Brandy and Cooper, and is married to the lovely April. He played baseball in high school and two years in college as a Pitcher/ DH. He enjoys playing softball, coaching his sons baseball team and spending time with family. It is also rumored that Andy roomed with Jose Canseco in the minor league and is author of the book “How to Unstitch a Softball with a Bat.”

#61, Sarah 'Blaze' Overbaugh - Associate Director, Stewardship and the Arts

Outdoor enthusiast (favorites are paddle boarding, running and camping), PHCC graduate and past Conquistador softball player; mother of 2 daughters...and now advocate to all things Foundation

#72, Rick 'The Score Keeper’ Allison Senior Lab Technician

#77, Corey 'All Day' Long - Senior Graphics Designer

Long began her only softball experience here—in 2016. It’s all about having fun out there and of course, trying not to get hit by the ball—heads up.

#85, Kathy 'Mac Attack' MacLennaSenior Office Assistant Athletics

Playing in the game since 2014, MacAttack formerly known as CheezyMac suffers from an identify crisis due to fact that the coach can’t remember her name. Yet she still manages to have hits, scored on a couple of occasions and even caught a fly ball. Because of her level of play, she has received numerous awards including “Sportsmanship” a.k.a. Hey, she showed up!

#86, Cara '86' CurtisSenior Admissions Specialist

Dealaney 'The Real Deal' AllenAssistant Director, Student Life and Leadership

PHSC is not new to me and has very much shaped who am, today. Which is someone who loves to explore different opportunities. Sometimes that comes forth through diving into policy and figuring out the best way to advocate for desired outcomes. Other times, that takes on a more adventurous role through hiking, camping, or swimming. I love to travel. Being the Florida baby I am, I have found myself completely in awe over the beauty found in mountains and waterfalls. Up until this point, I have staying within the boundaries of domestic travel (a great oxymoron btw). However, I hope to start exploring internationally soon. I am also a Rotarian and love to spend time volunteering with this club.

'Better Cal' Andrea Brvenik - College Attorney

Margie 'H2O' BurnhamAssociate Dean, Academic Affairs and Retention Services, Spring Hill Campus

Lyndon 'Mr. Cuddles' Coleman - Head Coach, Baseball

At the end of the day I used to be a stud athlete at every sport now I am just a washed up former athlete with a killer "DAD BOD".....I now enjoy Living vicariously through my players successes on the baseball field to fill my void of lack of competition in my life. I used to roll around with other human beings in a singlet while I was a state ranked wrestler in high school, but I am best known for my ability to crack block linebackers on a jet sweep sweep in football because I was a wide receiver with sauce pans for hands. I am least known for baseball because skills as Winterling would say "Lyndon has a better chance of getting a hit with a wet news paper than he does with that bat in his hands."  Like I was saying. Former "STUD" athlete. Now I am just living vicariously through other people successes...................

Amber ConnerHuman Resources Operations Assistant

Born and raised in awesome St. Pete, Florida. Never played or had any interest in playing sports growing up. The only interaction I have with a football now is tossing the football back and forth with my son 😂. Now that I am becoming interested in sports, my coworkers are trying to educate me so I can understand all their trash talk.

Joe 'Joey Cannoli' Conte Coordinator of Student Life and Leadership, Spring Hill Campus

I'm an avid sports player. Played football in high school and basketball in men's leagues and rec leagues and still play basketball to this day. Time to time, I will play: Tennis, Soccer, Baseball, Softball, and Beach Volleyball. My family is originally from Italy and father was born in Brooklyn, NY. I lived in Queens, NY as a young child and grew up here in Spring Hill, FL. I was a previous PHSC student, turned to staff member. New to engagement games, but I'm excited to get started.

Kelvin 'Sub Zero' Faison Assistant Professor, Psychology

Kelvin “Sub Zero” Faison is a triple threat as a starter for the Staff basketball, football, and softball team. His intimidating size and strength combined with his ability to stay “ice-cold” under pressure make him an imposing force in any situation. Kelvin’s experience in psychology could become useful to help console the students after losing today’s game. Looks like we’re gonna need more couches!

Mickey 'Steel City' Fay Executive Administrative Assistant

I grew up in a small town in upstate, NY (Scotia) and lived in the surrounding area until moving to Florida in October 2001. I have four sisters, two older and two younger, making me the middle child. I have worked at only two jobs in the last 37 years – 16 years at Mountain View Productions, Ltd. in Schenectady, NY before moving to Florida and being hired at the College as an Administrative Assistant I in July 2002.    My license plate is LV STEELRZ because, well, I LOVE the Steelers!  I am a true Scorpio; caring, loyal, honest, but also opinionated, stubborn, and outspoken. I have a strong sense of what I think is right and wrong and there isn’t much of a gray area between the two for me.

John 'The Excavator' FeyAssistant Director Student Engagement and Leadership

Micheal 'Too Tall' JonesAssociate Director, Linking in Faith & Education (LIFE)

Sandre 'Dre' LyonsCoordinator of Student Life and Leadership, North Campus

Mary 'Good Medicine' ManningAthletic Trainer

With a hot temper and a quick wit, Mary hails from the “Michigan Manning” empire and wants nothing less than the championship trophy. Her sense of entitlement comes from her unmatched skill. Manning has had to deal with an endless trail of scouts after her all of her life.

Lucy MillerSpecial Assistant to the President / Liaison to the DBoT

I love travel and photography. My retirement plans include engaging in some adventurous globe-hopping and freelance travel writing.   My favorite trips have been to Ireland and Italy, where I was able to connect with my grandmother's relatives.  We also have traveled to Hawaii and Alaska, where we had too-close-for-comfort encounters with grizzly bears. Though I truly hate violence, I am hooked on crime stories and edge-of-your seat thrillers. My idea of a fun evening is trying to guess "who done it" and I pride myself in early identification of the killer in any book or movie. 

Brent 'Dr. Dolittle' MooreAdjunct Professor, Natural Science

Dr. Moore was born and raised in Mustang, Oklahoma. He received a Bachelor of Science in Biology from NWOSU in Alva, Oklahoma, a master of Science in Veterinary Biomedical Sciences in 2002 and his DVM in 2006 from Oklahoma State University.  Dr. Moore met his wife, Jennifer, when he was in graduate school, and married while he was attending vet school.  His professional interests involve working with dogs and cats, as well as the occasional wildlife that comes in. He became an Adjunct Professor for Microbiology at PHSC in 2016 and enjoys microbiology as a professional hobby.  He earned board certification in the American College of veterinary Preventative Medicine in 2016.  Dr. Moore and his wife are both avid softball players  and SCUBA divers.  His daughter, Heather, was born in 2014.  He has two dogs, Honey, a Pomeranian and Tessa, an Australian Cattle Dog.

Duane 'ALL CAPS' Powell Coordinator, Campus Facilities and Faculty and Staff Assistant Coach

Misty 'Priceless' PriceProfessor, Accounting

Dr. Misty Price is an established, knowledgeable faculty member who teaches students accounting - debits, credits, and how to account for money. She is a hard-working, dedicated, individual who has a side job as an athlete - running, jumping, diving, swimming, cycling, and kicking for all to see! She is competitive beast in a tiny body and will stop at nothing to win! She also quickly switches gears to become the most excited, encouraging cheerleader for her teammates. Born and raised in Hernando County, a former graduate of PHSC, she is GOLD!

Curtis ScaglioneAssistant Professor, Information Technology Programs

A once promising athletic career was brought to a hold after a torn HTML. Lesson learned, don't touch the firewall. Currently working as an instructor at PHSC in the IT department, looking to get back on the drive. He even went as far as to cut cookies out of the equation all together to get back into shape. Full of optimism, this new gig surely will not be the last. A new opportunity means he will be able to grow bit by bit in an effort to be a solid member of the team. Relaxed and easy going, it's safe to say he will not byte.

Janet 'The Librarinator' Schalk Librarian, Porter Campus

Wendy 'Stilettos' VillaAssociate Director, Health Science and Workforce Programs

For years Stilettos was dying to be on the team, and in 2017 made her big debut! Word is that she does not need to work, and only does so she can buy stilettos and play on the faculty & staff team. She says stilettos are the “most versatile tool she has.”

Gail 'Force' Weinholzer Adjunct Professor, English

I love to hop on my bike any chance I can get.  In October, I bicycled from Tampa to Orlando and back over a two-day weekend.  82 miles a day with a group of incredible people raising funds for Moffitt Cancer Center.  Then, on Veteran’s Day, I completed my first century (100 mile) ride with my closest bicycle buddy.  I love Italian food.   I just moved here last year form the Midwest.  I'm born and raised Wisconsin, love the Packers and Badgers.  I have two males in my life- husband Bob and dog Alexei.  I live in Wesley Chapel.

Jessica "JDub"  White Associate Dean, Retention and Student Life

As the 2018–19 FSCSGA Vee SeversChoate Advisor of the Year Award winner and the fearless leader of the Student Life and Leadership team, J Dub rules with endless energy, creativity, positivity, and inclusion. A master at teambuilding, she conquers every challenge with gusto and heart!